Comic 10 - PokeDom

26th Dec 2011, 9:57 PM
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Miss Michelle 26th Dec 2011, 9:57 PM edit delete
Miss Michelle
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gqbrielle 26th Dec 2011, 10:13 PM edit delete reply
lol excellent
AwesomeMe! 27th Dec 2011, 5:28 AM edit delete reply
Mmm, sexy blue guy in speedo's <3
AndreStv 27th Dec 2011, 4:56 PM edit delete reply
He's blue because he's a Ghost sub!
(pokemon useless knowledge)
Miss Michelle 27th Dec 2011, 5:24 PM edit delete reply
Miss Michelle
Now I want to design Doms and subs, Poke-style. Wonder how many new Types have spawned since Ruby...
spectra 28th Dec 2011, 4:52 PM edit delete reply
we're past 400 different varieties now ... and I have to admit, if Bite is that effective, Double-slap will be too ...
Harlequin 31st Dec 2011, 4:10 PM edit delete reply
That is one scary wild sub!
Submissive_Wolfy 1st Jan 2012, 1:12 AM edit delete reply
:: waves ::

I love your comic.